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Immigration in Ukraine-2020

Immigration in Ukraine

The immigration process is complex practice which requires expertise and skill. Immigration in Ukraine can be very simple or very difficult, depending on whether you have assistance from a trained professional expert such as an Immigration UA.

In some cases, visa applications can turn out to be complex and will require research and regular references to the Migration Act as well as the Regulations.

Whilst this can be a stressful time it is worthwhile knowing that you can trust someone with full experience to handle your case and guide you through the process.

The Immigration UA will be happy to help you find the right visa category, as well as optimizing your application and making sure you meet all the requirements. Our Kiev based professional experts are registered and are qualified to provide advice migrating to Ukraine. This means you can be confident that they have the specialist training and experience to accurately explain and help uphold your rights and responsibilities.

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Immigration To Ukraine

  • Our in-depth knowledge of the latest developments in immigration law, policy and procedures, as well as our extensive practical experience means we can:
  • Provide clear, comprehensive, results-focused advice on a wide range of migration issues
  • Identify up-front your individual requirements and determine the best visa option to suit your particular migration needs
  • Formulate an effective, results-focused migration strategy so you get the right visa as quickly as possible
  • Advise you of any weakness in your visa application and how best to address it
  • Complete all necessary visa paperwork
  • Take the stress and guesswork out of the migration application processour rights and responsibilities.

We have been providing professional migration consulting service  to private and corporate client for over 5 years. 

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