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Short Fact

  • Start selling businesses, help other people to get Residence Permit in Ukraine !
  • Choose any country  and get exclusive rights to represent, organize sales under IMMIGRATION UA brand name!
  • You will get strong marketing, reputable brand name, strong team –IMMIGRATION UA’s directors and staff will be on hard to deal with any technical, sales or marketing questions that you may have.
  • Current Associate Partner (Franchise) fee depends on location (Asian and African city – the bigger city the higher fee), varies from 2’000 to 5000 Euro  for 3 years authorization period, plus monthly marketing fee 200 – 500 Euro and 7% from turnover.
  • You do not need to have experience, all business descriptions even clients you will get instantly!
If you are interested please read further

This document serves as an offer which is non affordable to ignore. IMMIGRATION UA is a leading business immigration to Europe specialist and at this moment offer this exciting range of Associate Partner business opportunities throughout whole World. Through long term market research paired with a wealth of so called current-world experience, we have demonstrated that IMMIGRATION UA service and system is both required and wanted by businesses and firms all over the world which operates in different fields, of all types, sizes. In addition, you will need to strive for the best and have this on going ambition as the day to day running of an Associate Partner business is no different to running any other type of business. After reading this file, no doubts that questions appear and it is absolutely normal to ask us your queries. In return, we will also have questions for you, your ambition, your striving for the best result should convince us that you could be a great addition to our team, that your skills of business and organizational abilities are on point. Assuming that you follow our accurately defined business/marketing plan, which is based upon our own experience and success, your business will be profitable from year one and as your business grows these will continue to increase too. Our Associate Partner territories are limited and our selection standards for Associate Partner are high. When you are finished scrutinizing this document and you feel that you have the skills and knowledge required to become IMMIGRATION UA associate Partner, contact us  in order to arrange an initial no obligation meeting at one of our existing Associate Partner offices in India, Pakistan.Tunisia. This would be an ideal opportunity to meet with one of our exiting Associate Partners.


Although the Prospectus expands on each and every point, this section gives you an opportunity to take a quick glance of the opportunity.


On taking up this offer of an Associate Partner you will have made a decision that will change whole perspective of your life. We will show you how to successfully run and develop your business using our very own tested and tried methods. These include:

1. How to build a business that will provide you with early profits in year one which will continue to rise through the following years.

2. How to successfully market our services to businesses in your area.

3. How to maximize the value of your business for eventual re-sale.

4. How to deliver first class customer service and grow your business year after year.

5. Business management with first class training and a state of the art Software Package designed to ensure your success.

6. Unparalleled advertising and marketing within all the relevant international markets including: Iraq,Tunisia, Ghana, Nigeria,Russia, India, Sri-Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and many other countries.


Whole service and business system that we offer have been developed over years in Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and other countries (North Eastern Europe) and are regarded within our industry as being both effective and profitable. To compliment this information in developing and marketing its own Associate Partner system. IMMIGRATION UA provides Associate Partner marketing and development services to a number of client companies. Scope exists for IMMIGRATION UA Associate Partners to develop additional revenue streams via the provision of Associate Partner services to clients. The system that we offer is unique in its own way, it has been developed over many years and will provide you with an ideal platform on which to build your own highly profitable independent business sales practice. Your business will be cash flow positive from the very start of it, due to unique way that our services are charged to clients. We provide you with all of the required tools and training course that you need to develop your business. Your main role is to develop your client base and to continue to provide an ongoing service. You will be responsible for you own exclusive territory.



People decide to put their business onto the market for a whole range of reasons, nonetheless in each European country due to the highly unusual nature of the market there are a number of additional reasons that are not mostly a factor in other non-European countries. The biggest part of businesses immigration services that we sell are going concerns, which is where the business will continue in its present or a very similar format once the sale takes place. The vendor is probably selling as a result of retirement, to move onto a more large business or often due to ill health or a matrimonial split. However a major factor in businesses being placed onto the market is quite regularly the unsuitability of the business that a client has perhaps recently purchased or an inability to settle within a new country and culture. This is an unfortunate but highly profitable aspect of an already buoyant market. Vendors typically list their businesses for sale with multiple agencies, obtaining instructions to sell is actually comparatively simple to do. IMMIGRATION UA’s unique operating system means however that we can list businesses not only in a way that is profitable for the company but generates a good level of inquiries for the vendor and as a result achieves sales at premium prices and optimum rates of commission. Typical clients vary from area to area. If your Associate Partnership is on the coastal strip or the holiday islands, then your business focus may be on bars, restaurants, hotels, guest houses along with perhaps development land and other businesses that are tourism focused such as car hire companies. IMMIGRATION UA services are offered to prospective clients through combination of direct mail, high profile advertising campaigns, telemarketing approaches. You may decide to co-ordinate these tasks yourself or, if preferred we can arrange to have them done on your behalf for a reasonable fee.


Our business scheme is quite simple: we provide a professional service to business owners who wish to sell their business. Whilst we provide a very different and more comprehensive service overall, in many ways we operate within the business sector in a similar way to how estate agents market houses for their clients. As explained in further detail later in this brochure, based upon our tied and tested ways, IMMIGRATION UA has a unique and highly successful way of working. Once on the market client business are profiled across a board spectrum of different media, both in Europe and Worldwide.


Staring up in any businesses, surely, carries risks, however when buying an Associate Partnership you are buying into a business concept that is tried and tested, proven over period of years. Based on the franchising model, it is a highly regarded and proven concept that has been adopted internationally by some of the world largest companies both as Franchisers and indeed as Associate Partners. The industry of franchising model has a turnover in the UK alone of more than 12.4 billion Eur. Self-motivation still remains the most important attitude sought (59%), although there has been a marked increase in the number of Franchisers looking for candidates with experience of sales and marketing (45%). 90% of Franchisers and 74% of franchisees expect their business to increase and improve in the coming years.


Consider these aspects: Ours is an established and proven business, we know how to handle it. Our business model is simple to follow and guarantees results. Our training package is second to none and our training gives you required confidence and credibility. Combine this with our business plan and your success is virtually assured. Our management team comprises seasoned business professionals who are committed to your success. Our business immigration scheme provides immediate cash flow unlike most other property or business sales Associate Partnerships. IMMIGRATION UA team members are acknowledged leaders in their field of business sales. Thousands of business vendors have entrusted the company with millions of euros worth businesses and property to sell. Whilst the vast majority of business vendors are individual owner managers. The company is equally competent and highly experienced at corporate level. Transaction sizes range from as little as 1.000 euros to over 1 Million euros. The result is holistic approach to business immigration sales, be it a small owner run bar or pub, general store or supermarket, or a luxurious beach hotel, IMMIGRATION UA have the skills, experience and expertise to conclude the instruction and ultimately the sale. The role of a IMMIGRATION UA Associate Partner is just to take instructions to sell businesses immigration services. Prospective purchasers could order to set up new company or buy already existing business like a restaurant in the city center. To set up new company client will ask for licenses, permits from Government, business plan, accounting services and much more help from you. IMMIGRATION UA business model is tried and tested internationally and is totally unique and revolutionary. We have a position of considerable strength that is assisted greatly by our extensive marketing spend. Clients benefit from an unprecedented level of sales and marketing effort whilst Associate Partner benefit from instant and immediate cash flow as a result. Our fee income is generated not only from the considerable commissions that are earned when a business or services are sold, but also monthly fees for advertisement, assistance in solving different business issues and clients questions. This unique fee structure is essential to an effective and profitable business brooking Associate Partner and is only possible due to highly established profile that IMMIGRATION UA has established during years. This is a business that enables enterprising individuals seeking a professional services Associate Partner to join a market leading team and to establish for themselves a highly profitable business.



The business immigration sales market is a multi billion Euros industry, world wide the majority of businesses that change hands are brokered by a business sales specialist. IMMIGRATION UA is acknowledged not only as being the market leaders, but also as forward thinkers and innovators. THE ASSOCIATE PARTNER FEE- 2000 – 5000 euro. Included within at the Associate Partner fee is…

  • Comprehensive operations and training manual.
  • Three months consulting on-line (emails, Skype, telephone, office in Vilnius).
  • Your own large exclusive area.
  • Sales and Marketing support.
  • The opportunity to buy more than one territory.
  • Stationery pack.
  • Initial sales and marketing support in your area.
  • On-going support with continued sales training.
  • Dependent on territory, a portfolio of existing businesses for sale.


STRONG ONGOING REVENUES:As stated previously, our business model is tried and tested but unique, therefore your business will continue to grow month on month ranging from a few hundred Euros to several thousand Euros dependent upon business size.

MARKETING PROFILE: Our advertising and marketing profile is well-established within our industry, which when combined with our dominance of the on line business sales media makes for a superior position with considerable distance between us and the rest of the market.

A PROFILE THAT ACTUALLY SELLS BUSINESS IMMIGRATION SERVICES: Services are sold daily but often not at a price or within a timescale that falls well short of the client’s expectations. The problem that most agents face is that of catch 22 economics, they need the sales to create the advertising budget yet they don’t have the budget to create the sales. IMMIGRATION UA produce significant sales results for clients by performing one simple task: delivering a profile that gets results.

RAPID GROWTH: Because of our high conversion ratios of appointments to instructions and instructions to sales along with of course our unique business plan, your business grows quickly and dynamically. Our service sells itself week on week with your ongoing income from registration fees funding your marketing which in turn leads to purchaser inquiries and the level of sales that both you and your clients desire.

HANDS ON OR MANAGEMENT: The service sells itself and you may feel that your objective in running the Associate Partnership is to develop a business where you deal with vendors and purchasers yourself. Equally, the business is ideally suited to someone who wants to focus on the sales and marketing of the Associate Partner overall whilst employing others to deal with the listing and sale of the individual businesses. The choice is yours; our Associate Partner system is set up to support either model.

LIMITED COMPETITION: Clearly there are many agents in Europe, but have neither the skills nor frankly the desire to be effective committed business immigration brokers. We have found that clients have recognized this and want a more tailored and focused service. There are very few agents that are focusing on exclusively business immigration sales in Schengen zone and those who are just simply do not have the marketing strategy and enough experience to make it work on the scale that IMMIGRATION UA operates.

A SIMPLE PROCESS: IMMIGRATION UA offers a service that is both needed and wanted. Just like you many people dream of running a business in the sun, away from the rat race that has for clients wishing an effective marketing force for their business and at the same time provides its Associate Partners with a highly profitable business themselves. Selling is a simple concept, whether a business or an individual product; the more prominent you are within your market place, the more inquiries  you receive. Our clients pay a fee for a highly enhanced service that delivers results, our Associate Partners have a business that addresses the major problems that exist within all property or business sales businesses, that of cash flow. The results is a marked improvement in the speed and high quality consultations. This in turn provides for a dynamic and profitable business for our Associate Partners. This obviously leads to a happier client and produces referrals and recommendations to other business immigration clients.


Once you agree to become a IMMIGRATION UA’s Associate Partner and you’ve paid your fee, the first stage of your new career is learning. Our learning system is simple and it is not necessary to have work experience in this business. You will receive a manual, who will help you to understand all the tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to become a very successful Associate Partner. By reading this manual you will have questions, which you can ask at any time of our main office in Vilnius. Office is reachable by telephone, email, Skype, live in office. You can start your own business immigration company next day you will sign the contract. You do not need any special training, because all the time you will have best qualified lawyers behind you who will be ready to help you to solve all the running questions. Our Directors and staff will be on hard to deal with any technical, sales or marketing questions that you may have. We will also continue to work with you in the field to ensure that your business grows and develops. Remember – for IMMIGRATION UA to be successful – you need to be successful.


This is a detailed and complex discussion, best done face to face. What follows are simply extracts from more detailed information. We’ll be pleased to go through the more detailed information and illustrations with you at a meeting. We have worked out a number of different scenarios, which we include in your Business Plan, and we will go through them with you personally to ensure you understand them along with the underlying assumptions. In the meantime the notes below should help you understand the potential of this business opportunity.


The Associate Partner Fee grants you the right to trade under the corporate identify of IMMIGRATION UA Associate Partner Network within an exclusive area for the duration of the Associate Partner Contract, and to enjoy continued access to our know-how and support and to enjoy continued access to our know-how and support and to operate as a Associate Partner at any city in Asia and Africa. Current Associate Partner Fee: 2000 to 5000 euro.

Need Help?


We are looking to recruit as Associate Partners people with either the direct business experience or with the drive, flair and entrepreneurial spirit necessary to establish and run a successful business. It is also important for us that the Associate Partners we recruit fit well within our current team, it will be as much about your character and personality as it will be your business skills; this is a long term relationship and we all must be able to work together cohesively. You will be ambitious, energetic and hard working with pride and commitment to service quality. You will believe in value for money through excellence of service, will be sales focused, attentive to detail and organized; appreciative of the need to develop your business focused on good service as a means of building business levels and, above all, you will be ambitious to grow market share.

IMMIGRATION UA is ambitious and is looking to grow its already substantial share of the market and enter into new territories and international markets. It has adopted franchising as a growth vehicle to increase distribution of its services internationally in Asia and Africa zone though regional Associate Partners, each with a vested interest in the ongoing development of the business. The company is also interested in recruiting suitably qualified Master Associate Partners for other locations worldwide.

You will be an independent owner and operator under the IMMIGRATION UA LLC brand.

You will have the freedom to run and develop your own business within the framework of the Associate Partner agreement, the Associate Partner manual and operating instructions.

Subject to our approval of the person that you are selling to and the terms of your Associate Partner agreement, you may re-sell your Associate Partnership at any time in the future.

The Associate Partner Fee grants you the right to trade under the corporate identify of IMMIGRATION UA LLC Associate Partner Network within an exclusive area for the duration of the Associate Partner Contract, and to enjoy continued access to our know-how and support and to enjoy continued access to our know-how and support and to operate as a Associate Partner at any city in Asia and Africa. Current Associate Partner Fee: 1000 to 2500 euro.

There is an initial payment for the Associate Partnership, which represents the time and expertise spent in developing the business and brand, included within your Associate Partner fee is a comprehensive training manual. Thereafter there is a monthly management fee.

Of course you can, nobody can commit such as important decision without being in possession of all of the facts. The next stage of the selection process is a face to face individual meeting at either our HEAD OFFICE in Kyiv. At this meeting we will need to learn a lot more about you, we will also provide you with considerable further information about us and the Associate Partnership. A copy of the Associate Partner agreement along with the Associate Partner business plan will be provided at this meeting.

The development of management and staff through training are vitally important elements of our Associate Partner concept. Don’t forget, our system relies on optimum levels of client care and support. Full details of our ongoing training and development programs will be provided at the meeting at our offices, we are very proud about our training systems and look forward to sharing them with you.

The initial period of your Associate Partnership will run for three years; however,this may be renewed at your option for further terms of live years each at no additional cost.

In order to protect your interests and the interests of fellow Associate Partners, it is prudent to define and allocate territories of sufficient size and geography to allow you ample opportunity to develop a profitable business. Ambitious and entrepreneurial Associate Partners will be allowed to expand their operation as far as their energies, skills and reputations can take them by purchasing additional licenses for the operation of their business in adjacent or nearby territories.