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Ukraine starts issuing electronic visas for 52 countries

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The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine starts to issue the electronic visas for entry to Ukraine for citizens of 52 countries.

e visa Ukraine system allows a citizen of 52 countries obtaining the short-term visa without visiting the Embassy or Consular Office
e-Visa is issued as a one-time entry to Ukraine with the following purpose for 30 days

  • C 06 (e) Tourist Visa OR
  • C 01 (e) Business visa
  • C 02 (e) Private visa 
  • C 07 (e) Medical Treatment 
  • C 09  Cultural-Scientific-Educational-Sports  Activities 
  • C 011 (e) Mass Media Staff Visit 
  • A foreigner could apply for e-Visa no earlier than 3 months and no later than 10 working days before the start of the planned trip. E-visa application on behalf of a minor or incapacitated person is submitted by one of the parents or another legal representative
  • e-Visa fees: 85 USD
  • The term of an issued visa: within 10 working days
  • Application languages: English, Arabic, Spanish
  • Registration on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
  • Filling out a visa application and uploading a photo
  • Adding to the completed visa application scanned copies:
  • pages of personal data of passport
  • a valid health insurance policy covering the cost of at least 30 000 Euros or equivalent in another currency
  • a document confirming the availability of sufficient financial support for the period of the planned stay
  • a document confirming business or tourist purpose of the trip (in Ukrainian or English languages)
  • payment of a consular fee by credit card via the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Ukraine work permitElectronic visas will be possible to get for citizens:

  1. Australia,
  2. The Bahamas,
  3. Bahrain,
  4. Barbados,
  5. Belize,
  6. Bolivia,
  7. Bhutan,
  8. Cambodia,
  9. China,
  10. Colombia,
  11. Costa Rica,
  12. Dominica,
  13. The Dominican Republic,
  14. Ecuador,
  15. El Salvador,
  16. Fiji,
  17. Grenada,
  18. Guatemala,
  19. Haiti,
  20. Honduras,
  21. Indonesia,
  22. Jamaica,
  23. Kiribati,
  24. Kuwait,
  25. Laos,
  26. Malaysia,
  27. Maldives,
  28. Marshall Island,
  29. Mauritius,
  30. Mexico,
  31. Micronesia,
  32. Myanmar,
  33. Nauru,
  34. Nepal,
  35. New Zealand,
  36. Nicaragua,
  37. Oman,
  38. Palau,
  39. Peru,
  40. Saint Lucia,
  41. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,
  42. Samoa,
  43. Saudi Arabia,
  44. Seychelles,
  45. Singapore,
  46. The Solomon Islands,
  47. Suriname,
  48. Thailand,
  49. Timor-Leste,
  50. Trinidad and Tobago,
  51. Tuvalu,
  52. Vanuatu,
  • An issue of Ukraine E-visa is done on basis of a notarized invitation of an individual or invitation of a legal entity of Ukraine
  • Interviews with applicants take place using remote communication tools that allow the applicant to be visually identified
  • For entry into and exit from the territory of Ukraine, the foreigner should present E-visa printed hard copy along with his/her passport document to Ukraine`s State Border Guard authorities and shall keep it for the whole period of stay in Ukraine