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Moldova Visa Invitation

How to Apply Moldova Visa Invitation Letter

Moldova Visa

Moldova Visa Invitation Letter is official document which the competent authority responsible for foreigners releases at the request of individuals with permanent or temporary staying in the Republic of Moldova, or of a legal person under the conditions provided for in this law, and which is one of the conditions to obtain a visa in the Republic of Moldova by certain categories of foreigners.

The right to invite foreigners is held by individuals with permanent or temporary residence in the Republic of Moldova who have reached 18 years of age, have full exercise capacity, with the exception of foreigners arrived to study or for treatment, as well as legal persons registered in the Republic of Moldova in the manner established by law.

The application or request for issuing the invitation shall be submitted for approval to the competent authority for foreigners either personal, by post or through web services.

The applications for approval of invitations are solved within 10 working days from the date of filing of the application or request, 

The foreigner may request the granting of a visa within 90 days from the date of approval of the invitation.

Type of Moldova Visa Invitation

Foreigners-holders of passports of 35 specified countries must need to obtain invitation letter issued by the Bureau for Migration and Asylum  for  e Visa or ordinary sticker visa  for following purpose,

C/A Business visa

C/AD – Cultural, scientific, religious, medical treatment activities of short duration

C/MI Mission 

C/S Sports 

C/T Tourism 

C/TS Transportation 

C/V Visiting friends or Relatives 

List of Countries require invitations for obtaining eVisa to Moldova

Moldova Visa Invitation Letter


Moldova Visa Invitation Letter


Moldova Visa Invitation Letter


Moldova Visa Invitation Letter

Burkina Faso

Moldova Visa Invitation Letter


Moldova invitation

Republic of Chad

Moldova invitation

Republic of Congo

Moldova invitation

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Moldova invitation

Ivory Coast 

Moldova invitation

North Korea

Moldova Visa


Moldova Visa


Moldova Visa


Moldova Visa


Moldova Visa


Moldova Visa


Moldova Visa


how to get Moldova invitation letter


how to get Moldova invitation letter


how to get Moldova invitation letter


how to get Moldova invitation letter

Republic of Mali

how to get Moldova invitation letter


Moldova invitation letter for visa


Moldova invitation letter for visa



Moldova invitation letter for visa


Sierra Leone


Republic of Sudan





Republic of South Sudan


Moldova Visa Invitation Letter

Once you receive the invitation letter, you are free to apply for a Moldova visa at the nearest Moldovan embassy, or you can apply for a Moldova eVisa online. You can only use the original copy for the application process.

Required documents for Moldova Visa Invitation Letter

Passport Scan Copy

A copy of the main pages - Passport should extend at least for six months after the validity of requested document.

Previous Visa If you have

Copies of Schengen visas, Ukrainian, Russian, Moldavian visas (if you have any of them in your passport) A copy of a resident permit for other countries (if you have)

Bank Statement

30 euro per day and the price of a return ticket). The Certificate is VALID 10 DAYS ONLY!!!

Planned Travel Date

Certain dates of arrival and departure and Country and City of departure

Father Name

Full name of the FATHER

Moldova Visa Invitation

+380 63 704 7879
Moldova visa

Register & Upload Passport scan copy, Bank Certificate

Moldova Invitation Letter

Planning a Travel to Moldova? Get your Moldova Invitation  now, it only takes 3 simple steps…