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Study In Albania For International Students

Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams - Albania Study Visa

Study in Albania – Immigration UA provides an official Albania Study invitation, allowing you to get an Albania  temporary residence permit with an electronic signature, valid for up to 2 months


Study in Albania That Helps Your Skill Grow

Albania Study Visa

As an international student, you will be glad to know that Albania enjoys perfect weather. Albania is widely known as a country that enjoys all four seasons throughout the year. So, if you’re planning to stay for a whole year in Tirana, you will need all four types of clothes. In general, in Tirana and other cities of Albania, summers are hot, winters are cold, where the temperature rarely drops below 0, and spring and fall are often the perfect balanced seasons.

Overall, student life in Tirana is an authentic experience and will likely be able to meet your expectations. Tirana relishes an active nightlife and a wide range of recreational activity options. With numerous student-friendly places, extracurricular activities, and festivals, Tirana is the perfect place where you can balance both study and social life.

Albania study invitation

Albania study Visa

Study In Albania 2024

Albania Visa Online 2024



Immigration UA is an official organization that helps international students to study in Albania. Immigration UA was founded specially for international students to make their admission process and education in Albanian universities as simple, intuitive, and comfortable as possible. 

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Required Documents to Apply Study Residence Permit

Online Study Residence Permit Albania Checklist

  • Residence Permit application form, completed online 
  • Photograph of the applicant, with dimensions 47 mm x 36 mm 
  • Scan a Copy of the valid travel document 
  • Document certifying the admission to an educational institution in Albania. 
  • Bank account showing they have enough money to cover expenses 
  • Document certifying accommodation in the territory of the Republic of Albania. 
  • Document proving the legal status of the inviting entity.

Required Document to Apply for Albania study invitation

  • Scan a copy of a valid Passport
  • Minimum Education High School ((document must be apostille/legalized from the ministry of external affairs)
  • Pre-payment of 600 euro

Albania Study Visa

Study Visa Albania

You do n0t need to visit the embassy entire process is online for all nationals To receive  Residence Permit, you must apply online


No, if you are coming to study at an albanian university, you must come on a student visa (which requires an invitation letter first).

No, the invitation letter is a document issued to you alone. However, you can apply for a personal invitation letter for your parents or relatives.


No, there are usually no exams


Typically, the online Residence Permit application process is around 30 days. Sometimes this can be prolonged

  • When you fill out the application form on our website, you will receive a letter with instructions. You can ask whatever you want to know about the admission process.

It typically takes one week for the invitation letter to be issued, depending on your university of choice and how long it takes for your documents to be cleared by the University.


The best way to pay is via VISA or MasterCard. Immigration UA will issue you an invoice. You can also pay via bank transfer.

Tuition fees vary from university to university. On our official website, you can find links to the official websites of the universities you’re interested in. Please check out our website at

Yes, your parents or relatives can pay for your study.

No, unfortunately, it is illegal for international students in Albania to work while studying.


Phone: +380 93006 2592
MON-FRI 09:00 - 19:00, SAT-SUN 10:00 - 14:00

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