Vocational Education in Poland

Vocational Courses in Poland

Study in Poland

Vocational Courses in Poland -Immigration UA provides an official Poland Study invitation which allows you to get a Poland Study Visa Type D-11  valid for 12 months. To obtain a work visa D-11, you need to submit your application to the embassy of Poland/ VFS Global in your home country.

Poland offers training not only for young people but also for older age groups, where it is possible to obtain a European diploma or certificate of completion. For foreigners, most of these courses are free.

Vocational Courses in Poland

What is a Police School ( Szkoła policyjna )?

A police school (the most appropriate translation of the name “Szkoła policealna” from Polish “Post-Lyceum School”) is an educational institution that provides an opportunity to obtain specialized vocational education. Education in such schools is conducted with an emphasis on the practical side of the issue, without excessive theory and distraction to subjects that are not directly related to the future profession.

What do police schools ( Szkoła policyjna ) offer?

It is very important: police schools in Poland do not give a diploma of higher education. Such schools are similar in status to technical schools. This is a good opportunity to gain specific skills and professions in a short time. Such training for adults in Poland is conducted in many cities, including Krakow, Lublin, Warsaw, Poznan, Katowice, and others. In such schools, there is a tendency for practical training, and not to theory, as in universities.

Required Documents to Apply for Poland Study Visa D-11


The travel document must be valid at least 90 days after the expiration of the visa and not older than 10 years.


Visa application form without blanks, signed by the applicant


• The original certificate of the unit conducting the studies on admission to studies or the continuation of studies •Proof of payment for studies issued by the educational institution; if studies are free of charge, a confirmation from the university is required. •Documents attesting previous education  Higher secondary certificate, A certificate should be legalized/attested/apostilled by the MEA/MFA.


A traveler’s return air ticket Booking (Reservation only)


insurance coverage should be a minimum of € 30,000 and valid in all EU countries and must be valid in the Schengen area and for the entire duration of stay

ACCOMMODATION (Included With Package)

document confirming the availability in Poland of appropriate accommodation for the intended period of stay

Applicant Financial Resourses

Applicant  must need to provide a document confirming sufficient financial resources to cover:

• The cost of returning to the country of origin of 2500 PLN (minimum) to cover returning to the country of origin, • Living expenses covering the planned stay: the required minimum for each month of the planned stay is 701 PLN/person,  •Cost of accommodation (documents must be submitted in a way the consul will be able to estimate the cost of living e.g. lease agreement, a decision on the provision of a dormitory, etc.). E.g. Applicant for a 365-day visa must have at least 10912 PLN (701 PLN x 12 months + 2500 PLN) to cover the cost of return and living expenses and additional funds to cover the cost of accommodation. the monthly payment for a dormitory is 500 PLN, it means the cost of accommodation will be: 500 PLN x 12 months = 6000 PLN per year. In total, the applicant needs at least 16912 PLN. (3800 Euro approximately)

Required Document to Apply for Poland study invitation

•Scan copy of valid Passport (Minimum Validity 1 Year)

•Minimum Education High School 

•50% Invitation Cost 750 € (Total Cost € 1500 Including Our Consultancy) 

•Minimum 6 Months School training Fees in Private School (Starts from €70 to €150 Per Month Depend on the Course you Choose)

•If you Choose Government(State-Owned  School training (Tuition Fees) is free  

•Age Limit Up to 60 Year 

Education in Poland

Advantages of Vocational Courses in Poland

•Simple admission procedure

•No age restrictions;

•Obtaining a European diploma;

•Obtaining specific knowledge and skills;

•The possibility of legalization of stay in the country;

•Improving knowledge of the Polish language.

•Temporary Residence permit 

Education in Poland

Vocational Courses in Poland

Poland Study Visa

Poland study invitation Package

10 Days Process Time

  • Official Study Invitation 
  • Paid Tuition Fee Receipt for 6 Months   
  • Official Accommodation Contract
  • Visa Support
  • Courier By Aramex  

Poland Study invitation

Education Time

4/5 Hours per day

Monday to Friday

Accommodation Cost

100/12 Euro Per Month

Vocational Courses in Poland

Duration 1/2 Year

  • Hairdressing services
  • Food and gastronomy
  • Photography and multimedia
  • Food Technology
  • Travel service
  • Landscape architecture
  • Organization of advertising
  • Graphics and digital printing
  • Accounting
  • Photographer
  • Confectioner
  • Logistics
  • Hotel business
  • Economist
  • Style and appearance
  • Fitness instructor
  • Wellness & spa manager
  • Instructor in biological renewal.

Education in Poland

Poland Study Visa

Vocational Courses in Poland

Training takes place from 1 to 3 years, depending on your chosen specialty. After graduation, you will receive a diploma.

Adult education in Poland can be both free and paid. It all depends on the region where you will study and the conditions offered by the school. Some schools have an entrance fee

  • Training is free in state-owned school 
  • Fees vary differently in private school start from euro per month




Everyone can study: both young people over the age of 18 and people of retirement age


No, there are usually no exams


You need to know Polish at a basic level because the training will be in Polish. Police schools, unlike universities, are not taught in English. However, know English will help you get a job as soon as you move to Poland. If you intend to study a police school in Poland, you should take a free Polish language course. Usually, a language course is free with the main study,
Thus, you will not only take a Polish language course, but also listen to lectures in Polish, take exams, and complete various tasks from teachers. Thus, after graduation, you will not only acquire professional skills but also become much better at speaking Polish.

  • weekend schools
  • day schools
  • evening schools

It is mandatory to attend classes, otherwise, you will have to pay a fine. The amount of such a fine can be around 270 zlotys for each month of study. There may be other penalties for absenteeism – visa closure and deportation, a ban on entering the Schengen area for several years.

All specialties are formed according to the demands of the labor market. Therefore, after successfully graduating from such a school, you will quickly find a job. After receiving a diploma, you will be able to work both in Poland and in other EU countries.

Special agencies have been set up at police schools to help graduates find good jobs in their field.


You can apply for a residence permit immediately after concluding an agreement with the school.

Application Accepted anytime for polish language

Technical courses usually carried out twice a year (in winter and summer). Classes begin in September and March. 


Education in Poland

Vocational Courses in Poland